Tomorrow Ashley and I start work at Catholic Charities! So Sister Kathy put together an evening prayer session. It was an opportunity for everyone in the house to reflect on the week to come and discuss what we need from each other. I am not used to praying in groups unless I am at Sunday mass. Well lets just say I am not used to a lot of these things that the Dominican Sisters do. But it is all a part of the experience right?!

We started off the evening with this beautiful song by Sara Thomsen:

Somewhere to Begin

People say to me, “Oh, you gotta be crazy!
How can you sing in times like these?
Don’t you read the news? Don’t you know the score? How can you sing when so many others grieve?” People say to me, “What kind of fool believes
That a song will make a difference in the end?”

By way of a reply, I say a fool such as I
Who sees a song as somewhere to begin
A song is somewhere to begin
The search for something worth believing in If changes are to come
there are things

that must be done
And a song is somewhere to begin

Additional verses:

2) Dream… 3) Love…

After the song Quincy(who is in the process of becoming a Dominican Sister) read a moving passage:

Live in your passion.
Be a conduit for possibility in yourself and others.
While you can’t go back and start over from the beginning,
you can begin from “now” and thrive into deeper possibility.
What you are passionate about will propel you forward in each moment of creation.
Living in possibility means being open to new things –
to the unexpected, to alternate life scenarios, to multiple options,
to twists and turns in life’s roads, to dream wild imaginings.
It is a place of hope and creativity.

Then we reflected on this question: What am I learning from my transition into this new chapter of my life?

We closed the evening prayer with another song by Sara Thomsen which you can listen to here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HgOJiJRKMM

Overall, it was a lovely time for our new community to come together. I appreciated the opportunity to reflect on this big transition I am going through. Often I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things and don’t think about all that I have done. Living in community with Dominican Sister isn’t the most “traditional” thing to do but I bet I will grow and learn a lot this year!


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