it’s been a while

What a whirlwind I have been in since my last post. I’ll catch you all up to speed…

-In May, I graduated from Dominican University in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications, with a minor in Social Justice Civic Engagement, Magna Cum Laude.

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-From June 8th to August 3rd, I worked in Hong Kong as a summer staff member for Dream Careers, Inc. This was my second summer there and it did not disappoint! I met 48 wonderful college students from all over the world. My official job title was Media & Marketing Specialist. At the end I put together a kick ass slideshow/video commemorating the wonderful summer we all had! Here it is if you’d like to see it:


-August 7th I flew from my parents home in Orlando to the midwest for a retreat! It was at the Dominican Sinsinawa Mound Center that my journey as a Dominican Volunteer began. You see I have been planning to do a year of post grad service for a while now and I am just starting that adventure! After a lovely week getting to know my fellow volunteers we dispersed to begin our service year. There are 18 of us and we all have different jobs. Some are serving in San Francisco, others in Chicago and NYC, and then myself and one other volunteer are in Atlanta, Georgia! I will be working at Catholic Charities of Atlanta as a Refugee Resettlement “Specialist”. My first day of work is Monday, August 18th!!!!


-On the 15th of August, I said goodbye to my family(my parents, my 93 year old grandpa, and my dog Chloe) in Florida and headed to Atlanta! Ashley(the other volunteer in Atlanta with me) and I drove my car which took us roughly 7 hours. We were greeted by a lovely sign on the door that said, “Welcome Ashley & Sarah!”. It was created by our housemates for the next year who are Dominican Sisters.


-Now Ashley and I are settling into our new home. It is a beautiful historic brick house located in Midtown Atlanta. I’ve been told it was built in the 1920’s. I love buildings with character and I am ecstatic to be in the heart of this vibrant new city of mine!


I can not wait to continue blogging about this new adventure of mine! Thank you to everyone who has supported me in all my dreams and goals. I carry you all with me in my heart. Always.


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