Butterflies & Nerves

Today is the day!

Later this afternoon I will begin traveling to Hong Kong for my internship. I fly out of Orlando to Miami and then to LA. From LA I depart to HK! It is crazy how fast the time has gone by!

Yesterday as I crammed all my belongings into two suitcases I was overcome with nerves. Even though I have traveled more than a few times out of the country I have never worked out of the country or been gone this long! Knowing that in a few days I will be an intern in a country halfway around the world is giving me the most insane butterflies in my stomach. I am not really worried about the flights I have to take to get there as much as I am nervous about doing a good job at my internship. I am sure all my nerves will go away shortly upon my arrival in HK but until then i’ll be feeling these butterflies. 

So wish me well because my adventure is starting! Hong Kong here I come! 

Bon voyage 一路順風 (yāt louh seuhn fùng)

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