Weekends in HK


In 17 days I will be embarking on my summer adventure to Hong Kong! As my departure date draws near I am trying to get everything organized while spending quality time with my parents and grandpa in Florida.


I recently was sent a document from Dream Careers that tells me what I will be doing every weekend while I am in Hong Kong. So here it is!


  • Saturday, June 15th:  We’ll head out to get to know our new home away from home a little better with an Evening Tour of Beautiful Hong Kong!  This is the perfect opportunity to take pictures, get acquainted with the city and begin to plan all the places you want to see throughout the summer!  Our tour is not meant to give you enough time to really visit each must see in Hong Kong; that’s what the next 8 weeks will be all about!  The tour is meant to show you an overview of the city, pass by some famous landmarks, take some great pictures and enjoy a day as a group!
  • Saturday, June 22nd:  This event will be our mystery event!  It’s going to be an exciting and full filled afternoon!  For this weekend event, you definitely do not want to forget your camera!
  • The Weekend of June 29th:  This will be our first free weekend in Hong Kong which is the perfect opportunity to get out there, explore or shop!  This also a great opportunity for friends or family to come visit you at the program, remember that you can’t have overnight guests at our housing, but there are great hotels that we can recommend!  Take the free weekend to relax or get a group together for a fun trip, your staff will also have great events around the city for you to take advantage of.  With both of our free weekends keep in mind that your staff will be putting together unsponsored events that you can sign up for such as shopping trips, music events and tons of other events, if there’s something that you’re dying to do while you’re in Hong Kong, just let us know and we can help you organize it!
  • Sunday, July 7th:  We’ll be taking part in the thrill and excitement of Hong Kong’s favorite sport – horse racing!  The atmosphere is exhilarating.  On this day we’ll experience this famous Hong Kong spectacle in style by spending a day at the racing track!
  • Saturday, July 13th:  Will be our breathtaking Lantau Island Tour!  Saturday morning we’ll head out early morning where we’ll visit a historical fishing village to get a glimpse from the past and then we will explore the Po Lin Monastery.  We’ll enjoy a delicious traditional Buddhist lunch and then we will end our day of adventure by taking an incredible 360 degree cable car ride back to Hong Kong.  This is definitely a trip you don’t want to miss out on!
  • The Weekend of July 20th:  This will be your second free weekend.  This is another opportunity to check off more of your must dos for the summer, have your friends/family visit or just relax and spend some quality time in Hong Kong!  Plan ahead so you can make the best out of your time in Hong Kong!
  • Saturday, July 27th:  It’s hard to begin thinking about our last weekend event when we haven’t even gotten to Hong Kong yet, but on this weekend, we’ll have our final event which will be a group Going Away Event to reminisce on a great summer.

    Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the “Big Buddha...

    Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the “Big Buddha”, at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, in Hong Kong. Deutsch: Der Tian Tan Buddha auf Lantau Island in Hongkong. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island in ...

English: Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island in Hong Kong Polski: Klasztor Po Lin na wyspie Lantau w Hongkongu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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